Monday, October 6, 2008

Fox News: Union Official: Teachers Who Engage in Consensual Sex With Teen Pupils Shouldn't Face Prosecution

From Fox News:

A British teachers’ union representative has come under fire after claiming that teachers who engage in consensual sex with students over the age of 16 should not be prosecuted, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Sunday.

I hope that this union representative is fired quickly. Our society is already far too perverse. Suggesting that teachers should be free to have sexual relations with their 16-year-old students may be a horny lecher-teacher's fantasy, but it is morally corrupt and totally unacceptable in a reasonable society.

Beyond the moral problem, it creates an abusive and unfair environment for children. If the teacher is in a sexual relationship with a student, how can the grading of that student be considered fair? But far worse is one of the truly dark aspects of this sick proposition - the possibility of teachers using the threat of a failing grade to coerce students into sex. May God protect us from such horrors.

Get out your duct tape!

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